How to use Confluence

Course Information

Course Overview

This course provides a comprehensive view of Confluence with JIRA so that participants can immediately apply this knowledge back on the job in order to give everyone transparency between the issues tracked in JIRA and related content in Confluence — product requirements, project reports, roadmaps, and more. The topics cover the activities needed to start working successfully with the Confluence wiki. They’ll learn the basics of Confluence and how to use it most effectively as they build their content to manage projects.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Understand the Basic Concepts of Confluence.
  • Provide the ideal jumpstart for you to use Confluence with JIRA more effectively.
  • Teach you the ability to create great looking content using formatting tools.
  • Develop basic user knowledge of Confluence to produce dynamic pages - define product requirements, create JIRA epics, stories, and issues and link them directly to the product requirements without ever leaving Confluence.
  • Get the most of JIRA with Confluence to manage projects seamlessly across the two applications - from inception to completion of a sprint, using JIRA Software and Confluence.
  • Learn how to use JIRA reporting to create dashboards that keep your team informed on project progress and status.

Who should attend ?

  • Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project Managers, JIRA and Confluence users who would be using Confluence with JIRA to track their day to day tasks at the workplace.
  • Any person interested in learning more about the features and capabilities of Confluence with JIRA.

Course Pre-requisites

  • Attendees should have a basic knowledge on How to Use JIRA Software.
  • No previous Confluence experience is required prior to attending the course.
  • Basic knowledge of Windows interfaces will be an advantage.

Course Duration

2 days

Course Starting Date

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